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9R Sport Kids Kayak and Life Jacket

Which PFD is best for you?

To fully enjoy outings on your kayak, you need to have an appropriate Personal Floatation Device, but do you know how to choose the right type for you or your family's safety?

Kayak fishing gear

Fishing From a Kayak

The benefits of a purpose-built fishing kayak are many, and once you fish from an angling-centric ‘yak, there’s no going back.

Kayak fishing gear

Kayak Capacity Plates

Avoid overloading your kayak with gear by understanding the capacity tag that comes in every model and clearly outlines its limitations. 

Choosing the best kayak

How To Choose a Kayak

Fishing, floating, camping, even hunting. There are kayaks for it all, so how do you choose the perfect one for you? Read about important considerations when you set out to buy the best kayak for your adventure.