Dec. 2022

How to Read a Kayak Capacity Plate

Capacity plates have been an important informational tool for boaters since the early 70’s. They outline the limitations of a watercraft as far as the number of people, and the overall load weight that the watercraft can safely support. Like most boats, ASCEND kayaks have a capacity plate. But, what exactly do those numbers mean on it? 

Here is the capacity tag for the D10 sit in kayak. Starting at the top, this is the capacity rating for this kayak. On this one, it’s 1 person or 300 lbs. This kayak has a single removeable seat, but the number of people any vessel can hold cannot be determined by the number of seats it has. That number factors in hull design, and for motorized craft, the engine weight and mount.

300lbs. is the max weight the D10 Sit In can handle safely. So, when you’re loading up your gear, you have to keep this number in mind. Take into consideration your own weight to make sure you don’t overload your boat.

Doing so will compromise the stability of the kayak on the water, and could result in the kayak tipping or sinking.

Now, moving down, you’ll see this note about propulsion. This means that ASCEND does not recommend powering this model with a motor. This area indicates whether Ascend has designed the model to be safe with a means of motorized propulsion. According to the label, the D10 kayak is not manufactured for it.

10ft kayak capacity tag

On the other hand, here’s the capacity plate for the 133X Sit On fishing kayak. As you can see, this one is rated for a 3-horsepower motor. Like the weight, you don’t want to exceed this. Doing so is risky since the kayak is designed and built to accommodate the specified amount of power. 

Lastly, every ASCEND kayak capacity plate has a section, which shows that the manufacturer is WHITE RIVER MARINE GROUP and every model is built in our dedicated facility in Lebanon, MO.

Fishing kayak capacity tag

And that is a kayak capacity plate! Remember it should never be altered or removed. It is also a good idea to be familiar with any local statutes in your area that are meant to prevent boaters from exceeding listed capacity limits and overloading their watercraft. If you have any questions, head to your local ASCEND dealer to learn more!

Capacity needs are unique. Find out which ascend kayaks meet yours.